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Marathon Runner's 26.2 Headphone Wrap (2-Pack)

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Color: Bourbon Brown
  • VINTAGE-STYLE CORD MANAGEMENT: Add a touch of class and show off your Marathon achievements with these stylish Headphone Wraps. Perfect for wrapping up your headphones for when you’re traveling and keeping them safe and tangle-free. Made with Full Grain Leather and firebranded with 26.2, these are elegant and stylish ways to keep your headphones neat and tidy when you’re not using them.
  • SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Whether you’ve run for a charity and you want to show to everyone your achievement, or you want to show your support for your friend or family member who is running a marathon, this makes for a great way to show support and respect for family or friends who have finally achieved their goal and become a "Marathon Finisher". Show them you are proud of them!
  • MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: These Rustic Cord Keepers are hand-made using only the best material, 100% full grain leather that ensures a long lasting, durable yet lightweight home for your cables. Compact enough to fit snugly in your pocket, too.
  • EASY TO USE HEADPHONE CORD WRAP: Our vintage-style headphone wrap is easy to use. Pop one end of your cord through the hole at the top, wrap it up around the middle, and clip the other end through the second slit at the bottom. Not just for headphones either, this item is great for any cables that you regularly use and often find in a tangled mess.
  • MAKES A FUN & GREAT GIFT: This is the easiest stocking filler ever, this gift is perfect for everyone of all ages and sexes who is going to embark on a huge milestone event in their lives. Everyone suffers from the mess of tangled up headphones and other wires, so you absolutely can’t go wrong with this Headphone Wrap as a gift. Hell, spoil yourself while you’re at it.



Length: 3.25 inches

Height: 1.50 inches

Width: 0.20 inches


 Full Grain Leather

Also Available in:

 Bourbon Brown


Over time and with use, the leather will assume a unique patina. If desired, condition with mineral oil or beeswax leather conditioner.

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