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Hand Hammered Bronze Lighter Case

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  • Mayan Itzamna Design
  • Stylish Bronze Lighter Case
  • Interchangeable, Fits Normal Sized Lighter
  • Ideal Gift Idea
  • Hand Hammered Pure Bronze With Copper Metal Design



Length: 1 inch

Height: 2.75 inches

Width: 0.6 inches


Pure Bronze and Copper Metal


Copper metal design on the front will eventually make for a nice patina. Use bronze polish if desired.


This fantastic product turns any disposable lighter into your own unique, stylish lighter. Since you only have to replace the lighter component, say goodbye to the frustrating and fiddly process of refueling. Has a snug fit with all major brand lighters of this size.

This lighter bears the name after the Mayan God, Itzamna. According to legend, Itzamna was a God of creation that resided in the sky above. Sometimes identified as a "Sun Deity", the image of Itzamna is frequently found on ancient ceramic artifacts found throughout present day Guatemala and Mexico.  

Tobacco has a long history, dating back to the early Americas. It became extremely popular with the arrival of the Europeans who made a fortune from trading it. Native Americans did not smoke it recreationally, instead it was seen as a tool for sacred ceremonies or to mark a treaty or agreement. To Eastern North American tribes, the tobacco was thought of as a gift from their 'Creator' and the smoke from the tobacco was considered to be a vessel to carry prayers and thought to the spirits.

In some communities here in the highlands of Guatemala, a saint folk that takes many forms known as Maximón, or San Simón, is praised with tobacco and alcohol. It is said that his form derives from a pre-Colombian Maya God Mam, and that the word Maximón is a combination of the word Max, the Mam word for tobacco, and Simón. Local people will pay him in the form of money, licor and cigars to help them with problems they are facing, praying for his blessing and assistance. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Had it for a few years now!

I got this one and another that looked a bit more leopard print. But still that cool, metallic, slightly patina look to it.

Gets compliments whenever someone borrows it. Would love to get more.

Sebastian Derosia
Beautiful lighter cover

Considering we just had an eclipse how cool was it to find this beautiful lighter cover to remember the 2017 Great American Eclipse, H & D may not ship very fast but it was definitely worth the wait. An original piece of art at a great price.

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