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Waxed Canvas Travel Double Dog Bowl

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Color: Waxed Canvas
  • One Bowl for Kibble, One Bowl for Water (Great for Two Dogs!)
  • Minimal Folding Design Ideal for Walks, Hikes and Road Trips
  • Durable Design; Double-Stitched, Waterproof Lining
  • Rustic Brass Metal Hardware
  • Attractive & Unique Gift for Dog Lovers



Length: 12 Inches
Height: 3 Inches
Width: 6.5 Inches


Water Resistant Canvas, Full Grain Leather, Rustic Brass Hardware


Seams and stitching allow the bag to stand upright on its own when you unravel it, and the buckle serves to keep it in place when the walk is over and you have to pack it up.

Cleaning the bowl is a simple as wiping it with a damp cloth.


This canvas all-purpose kit with rustic accents is meant to be passed on to future generations.

If you and your best friend are avid hikers, then treat your pooch to a welcome drink after all that exercise with this Double Dog Bowl. This stylish bowl is the only way for your dog to eat and re-hydrate on the go, and with the popular, attractive canvas material, your pup will be the coolest around. Or, it's great for when you have two dogs, who have to eat and drink together. Easy to roll up and store when walkies is over.

Water resistant canvas is a woven fabric, sturdy and resilient by nature. The word canvas derives from the Latin word "Cannabis", or "Hemp", and while modern day canvas is made with linen, cotton or synthetic materials, hemp was originally used as the primary material. Over 5000 years ago, China was producing cloth made of hemp fiber, a material they discovered to be water resistant and very durable. Throughout Europe, this material was quickly adopted for the making of sails of ships, but it wasn't until 1,200 BC that the Greeks and Phoenicians were the first to begin trading by ship. Nowadays, with the correct synthetic materials used, an excellent water resistant canvas fabric can be created, and it has become a key player in the architectural, industrial and marine fields.

Our canvas comes from the highly respected supplier Lonas Segovia, the oldest canvas maker in Guatemala. The seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris Garcia
Pretty Darn Good, But There’s One Thing...

I actually really love this dog bowl. Very durable and doesn’t leak water at all. My biggest gripe with this is that when you roll it up and use the leather strap, it blocks the clip from being able to be used. Very annoying, but otherwise it’s a perfectly functional travel bowl. 4/5


Perfect for hikes with my dog.

Dr Dan

Fantastic quality. Heavy duty waxed canvas, good craftsmanship!!

Elaine Young
Great product

Love this for my outings with my Jack Russell!

Matt M
Travel dog bowl

Love the look and super functional

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